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Interview with Powell Software: How to gamify your digital workplace to engage employees?

In the run up to the 10th anniversary of Intra.NET Berlin we are excited to announce our Speaker Thomas Lorenz, Pre-Sales-Manager DACH at Powell Software.

Find out more about Powell Software and get a Sneak Peek into his session.

we.CONECT: You work as Pre-Sales-Manager DACH at Powell Software. What is the most exciting part about your role and why are you passionate about it?

Thomas Lorenz: I really love to spend time with partners and customers helping them with their challenges. Because of this I am always looking forward to, ideally onsite and interactive, meetings. Although every organization shares similar requirements it is very interesting to identify relevant aspects of their culture and user stories. Matching these with the solutions we do offer and finding the best implementation approach is very exciting.

we.CONECT: How would you describe the main challenges of employee engagement currently?

Thomas Lorenz: Only a small part of information worker was used to work from home regularly. Engaging with the organization or peers is a lot easier when sharing the same location. Although we are finally returning to the offices, we will continue to work in a hybrid environment. Managing remote and office employees does need a defined strategy and creative ways.

we.CONECT: Why is it crucial to combine the technology and human factor for a successful employee engagement?

Thomas Lorenz:We are all human beings and employees need to be taken care of. To be able to do this we use ideas, methods, and tools. And the most efficient tool to use implementing ideas and methods is technology. It is important to remember that we use solutions to support it and not vice versa.

we.CONECT: What would you suggest to activate the workforce motivation remotely via the digital workplace? Would gamification be an answer from your point of view?

Thomas Lorenz:Absolutely. I started to learn a lot about gamification two years ago when I was preparing with a dear Microsoft Customer Success Manager a session how to use these mechanisms to introduce Microsoft Teams and increase its adoption. But you must deal with the basics of employee satisfaction and requirement first.

we.CONECT: The Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin is a highly interactive networking event – which conversations are you particularly looking forward to?

Thomas Lorenz:As this is the first onsite event for more than a year I am looking forward to every chat. As I do have the pleasure of moderating a World Café table about gamification this is certainly something I especially look forward to.

we.CONECT: What are your most important expectations from Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin?

Thomas Lorenz:I expect all participants to feel similar to how I do: looking forward to meeting interesting people in person and enjoy interesting conversations around our beloved topics.

Thanks Thomas! Be sure to check out Powell Software’s Online Session at 11:05 AM on Tuesday, June 29 and the Gamification Café on the same day and time, on-site.

Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin is Europe’s leading intranet, internal communications, digital workplace and employee experience event.

About Powell Software

Powell Software is a global ISV specialized in providing digital workplace solutions to connect employees.
Our solutions focus on providing the right tools to keep employees engaged whether they’re in the office or at home.
Powell Intranet, our communications portal, keeps employees engaged and aligned to the organization’s goals and mission.
Powell Teams, a Microsoft Teams application improves the end-user experience while providing governance and life cycle management capabilities for IT professionals. Together these solutions form Powell 365, a complete digital workplace.

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