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Matchmaking Webinar & Community Building Campaign

Your Sessions on our Professional Virtual Event Platform

Matchmaking webinars on your own virtual professional event platform – Develop your own sales pipeline as a matched community, chat with your customers before, during and after your sessions on our professional event platform hubs101.

Digital lead generation is of prime significance for B2B companies. Our unique matchmaking webinars are the best way to present complex B2B solutions and products to your specific target group, to convey your expertise, to engage in a highly interactive conversation with potential customers and to find out, through our Business Matchmaking & Data Intelligence, exactly which lead really matches which aspect of your solution or service.

On your own virtual event platform, you can host as many webinars as you like for a year, build a community of potential and existing customers and host full-day virtual events.

Typically, we expect between 50 and 100 viewers per session. With our matched webinar leads, you get Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) who fit the campaign-specific target group and are interested in your services by actively registering in your virtual event platform and for a specific session (on-demand or live). We also evaluate your presence on your virtual event platform, e.g. clicks and downloads on your virtual exhibition booth.

Your opportunities on your customised virtual event platform & your matchmaking webinars

Thought provoking #1 – Virtual livestream & webcast

Your session will be streamed live – get feedback and discuss your solutions and services with prospects.

Thought provoking #2 – Virtual Online Workshops

Individually planned thematic workshops with up to 35 participants, prepared and curated by our team.

Thought provoking #3 – Virtual Panel Discussions

Moderated panels & discussions with hand-picked industry experts on current and future topics.

Thought provoking #4 – OnDemand / PreEvent Lead Generation

All sessions are saved and available to you after your session for further use such as further lead generation.

AI-supported Video One2Ones & Chats

Optimise your networking with our B2B matchmaking platform and network with your attendees, schedule Video One2Ones and analyse project requirements and investment timelines via our unique virtual conference platform.

AI-powered matchmaking

with project needs, investment timelines, budgets and much more data – match your live project requests, services, technologies and needs with investment intentions and projects from decision makers!

Lead Analytic Services

See who took what action and when on your profile, session, virtual exhibition booth, analyse dashboards and easily export your data via CSV, Exel or PDF.

Promotion, Marketing & Virtuelle Expo & Lead Nurturing

Present your company as a thought leader to an exclusive community of executives and budget holders via your own Expo and analyse who is really interested in your services

Our B2B lead database for your matchmaking webinars

Large decision-maker database

Over 2.3 million B2B decision-makers. Pre-qualified, selectable and with a uniform taxonomy, e.g. position, function, company size and industry, etc.


Targeted lead generation through individual selection of B2B decision-makers based on specific persona and target group definitions.

Customised lead variants

Configurable lead variants, depending on maturity level and marketing strategy.

Choose the optimal target group for your solutions


IT management decision-makers


Human Resources Decision Makers


IIoT, Supply Chain & Manufacturing Decision Makers


Marketing Decision Makers


Automotive Decision Makers


Communication & HR Decision Makers


further target groups on request

Efficient lead generation across all digital channels 365 days – 365 degrees! With individual matchmaking webinar campaigns for multichannel lead generation, we deliver high-quality B2B leads tailored to your target group, customer-specifically qualified, differentiated according to interest level and maturity, quality-assured and DSGVO-compliant.

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