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Interview with Jalios: Connecting and engaging all employees through a social and collaborative intranet

In the run up to the 10th anniversary of Intra.NET Berlin we are excited to announce our Speaker Erwan Guiziou, Head of the DACH Region at Jalios.

Find out more about Jalios and get a Sneak Peek into his session.

we.CONECT: You work as the Head of DACH Region at Jalios. What is the most exciting part about your role and why are you passionate about it?

Erwan Guiziou: The role in itself is exciting because we are entering new territory for the team and for the company. The passion also comes from the diversity of the work there is to do. We touch on all aspects for the DACH region: strategy, finance, marketing, operations, HR, etc.

we.CONECT: How would you identify the biggest challenges of internal communications professionals in the post pandemic era?

Erwan Guiziou: Difficult to say but in general, there will be some work needed on adapting to a new situation: people might not want to work 100% in the office anymore. Some might choose to have a hybrid type of work: 2 days in home office, 3 days at the office with the colleagues.

Add to this that internal communication now should reach people on the production floor too as everyone is important for the company. Also, as in the pre pandemic era, people do not need the same information, depending on their group, their job, etc.

Therefore the internal communication must work in a way that the information is ATAWAD (any time, anywhere, any device). I would also add EO (everyone) and personalized. Hence platforms such as ours that can do all that.

we.CONECT: From your point of view, how should future digital workplace bring the employees?

Erwan Guiziou: Well, the right level of information anytime anywhere. But beyond that, it should make people more efficient in working together. Being efficient alone is feasible, being efficient and collaborative is difficult. Again, our tool, with a mix of instant and long-term communication, top down and bottom up, strives to achieve just that. Also something to take into account are the myriad of third party application. Having a central dashboard for the employee that allow him to act faster, rapidly find the right information and being able to share with his coworkers is essential. Last but not least, it should provide a social component so that people do not feel isolated, especially when the home office is going to expand.

we.CONECT: What would you suggest your peers for hybrid working transformation? Where and how to start?

Erwan Guiziou: Ask the employees first. Send a poll and see what they think. Then build a change management plan including communication plan, training plan, governance. And obviously the right tool. Evaluate the culture of your company (we’ve written a whitepaper on the subject) and see if you need to start with a pilot or not. Both methods work, it is of course a question of time and resources but also of appetence for change.

we.CONECT: The Intra.Net Reloaded Berlin is a highly interactive networking event – which conversations are you particularly looking forward to?

Erwan Guiziou: Well, both potential prospects and partners obviously. But also learning what works and what doesn’t, how others have solved some issues that we have encountered. Even though we have 20 years and over 400 customers experience, there is always something to learn.

we.CONECT: What are your most important expectations from IntraNET Reloaded Berlin?

Erwan Guiziou: To get our product and approach more well known. Propose alternatives to the market, have meaningful conversations and well, yes, gather some leads.

Thanks Erwan! Be sure to check out Jalio’s Session at 10:55 AM on Monday, June 28th, online and on-site.

Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin is Europe’s leading intranet, internal communications, digital workplace and employee experience event.

About Jalios

A leading publisher of collaborative intranet and Enterprise Social Network (ESN) software in France, Jalios develops and commercializes three flagship offers of functional scope:

Jalios Digital Platform: a complete, modular, evolutive all-in-one solution for building collaborative and social intranet or extranet.

Jalios Document System: an easy-to-use, adaptable tool to manage and share all your documents.

Jalios Web Factory: a powerful, function-rich tool for creating sophisticated websites.

All three are based on the same architecture incorporating a coherent set of features: collaborative spaces, ESN, and content and documentary management. These powerful yet user-friendly tools make it easy to create collaborative and social Internet/intranet/extranet sites and collaborative documentary databases. Jalios’s network of highly competent partners provides support to its many public and private customers whatever their size and needs.

Today 800,000 intranauts and millions of Internet users benefit from their Jalios applications such as: BNP Real Estate, numerous Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 15 French Departmental and Regional Councils, French Red Cross, D’Aucy, EDF, Even Group, FactoCIC, Handicap International, Pasteur Institute, INA, Kering (formerly PPR), Keolis, La Redoute, MAAF, Maisons du Monde, French Ministry of Employment, MACIF, Mr Bricolage, Natixis, Panzani, RATP, SNCF Réseau, Sodebo, Sodiaal, Terrena, Thales, University of Liege, and many others.

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