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Whitepaper & Lead Generation Campaigns

Strengthen your sales pipeline with your expertise!

Surveys, reports & whitepapers are a valuable tool for any business. They can help you gain insights into your industry, tailor your product to customer needs and identify new trends. At the same time, it is a perfect tool to generate new leads using your expertise.

Our experienced editorial team will work with you on the survey, report, white paper design and advise you on the structure, questions and placement. With the meaningful survey report, report or whitepaper, you receive valuable content for further marketing and lead generation activities.

Surveys created and conducted exclusively for you

Dedicated mailings with landing page to up to 10,000 relevant leads

Average expected participants: 100

Social media support campaign for further reach

Well-positioned banner ads to increase your brand awareness

Full survey report to publicise and share results

Full access to generated leads (based on data entered on the last page of the survey)

Share your success stories and innovations and use our unique network for high-quality leads.

Our B2B lead database for your campaigns

Large decision-maker database

Over 2.3 million B2B decision-makers. Pre-qualified, selectable and with a uniform taxonomy, e.g. position, function, company size and industry, etc.


Targeted lead generation through individual selection of B2B decision-makers based on specific persona and target group definitions.

Customised lead variants

Configurable lead variants, depending on maturity level and marketing strategy.

Choose the optimal target group for your solutions


IT management decision-makers


Human Resources Decision Makers


IIoT, Supply Chain & Manufacturing Decision Makers


Marketing Decision Makers


Automotive Decision Makers


Communication & HR Decision Makers


further target groups on request

Efficient lead generation across all digital channels 365 days – 365 degrees! With individual matchmaking webinar campaigns for multichannel lead generation, we deliver high-quality B2B leads tailored to your target group, customer-specifically qualified, differentiated according to interest level and maturity, quality-assured and DSGVO-compliant.

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