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We believe in information and the right content. That’s why we invest in our content, technology & communities: In our Digital Business Hub (DBH). DBH from we.CONECT is the blog for all about digital transformation. Every month, over 10,000 visitors visit our blog, where we provide relevant and business-critical content to our customers, decision-makers in senior roles and providers of future technologies & services.

Special focus of the Digital Business Hub is on:


Big Data & AI


Digital Business Strategy


HR, Communications & Tech


Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0


Smart Mobility


Enterprise DevOps & Software Development


IT & Business



Digital Business Hub is a digital hub of we.MEDIA which delivers media to a global executive, engaged audience, exceeding 10,000 unique visitors each month. we.MEDIA focuses on the information & content flow senior decision makers need in this day and age to thrive.

Lead generation
Join our lead generation program, a digital inbound marketing program that uses social marketing, marketing automation techniques & technologies and data intelligence to create awareness for your products and services and generate business leads that you can add to your sales pipeline.

It’s all about content
You gets leads when you publish great content. So we’ll work in partnership with you on this. You provide us with great content: whitepapers, case studies, research reports. Then we’ll work with you to generate some unique, innovative and trendsetting content. We will then distribute this content through our digital hubs, email-, content-, business-, event-, and social media channels.

360° Advertisement – How it works
Your individual campaign will be planned with one of our media consultants. Depending on the lead generation package you choose and the goals you want to achieve, you can get involved in as many of these activities as you’d like to. Your content will be placed behind a form and dispatched through our targeted digital hub & channels: When customers download, click & watch your content from any channel, you’ll get copies of all the leads.

Work with us to create a variety of cross-platform and cross-channel initiatives to maximize your marketing message! If you like to receive more information material about we.MEDIA and its associated services, we warmly recommend you to download our we.MEDIA Pack or to contact us directly.



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Teamleader Marketing

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