THURSDAY, 22nd OF JULY | 10 – 11 AM CEST

Demystifying IoT Device Management

The Internet of Things’ (IoT) potential is vast, but there are multiple challenges as companies move from planning to extensive deployment. Mastering the complexity and risk of deploying and managing an IoT device estate is daunting, even for digitally astute organizations.

The key to unlocking success is to have a robust strategy from the start, with detailed consideration of elements such as device and data management, security, deployment flexibility and how to scale effectively.

Key Takeaways of the Webcast:

  • Helpful hints and tricks to set your IoT project on the fast track to success
  • Insights to improve the decision-making process for IoT device management
  • Ways to build a secure, scalable, and sustainable device estate


Charlene Marini

Charlene Marini | Chief Product & Marketing Officer | Pelion

Deepak Poornachandra

Deepak Poornachandra | Senior Product Manager | Pelion

Rob Turner fixed

Rob Turner | Senior Manager Product Marketing | Pelion


Founded initially as Arm’s IoT incubation unit, Pelion is now at the forefront of designing, securing, and managing IoT, from devices and connectivity, through to data delivery. Whether in the home, the workplace, and everywhere in-between, secure, scalable, robust, and dependable IoT is critical. Pelion is forging an independent path, building on a solid foundation of connectivity and device expertise, operating a global footprint, a strong base of more than 500 customers, and over 150 partners. With a unique combination of global IoT connectivity, device management, and edge applications enablement, the Pelion connected device platform breaks down barriers to IoT success.


THURSDAY, 22nd OF JULY | 10 – 11 AM CEST

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