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The future of lead generation in digital marketing! With our matchmaking webinars and digital events, you can generate high-quality leads, tailored to your services, and develop your brand. Benefit from our expert knowledge and increase your online marketing success. Our data tracking allows you to measure and optimize the effectiveness of your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns. Join our community and let’s achieve your marketing goals together!

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Passionately and with a plan, we are committed to B2B companies on their way to an effective and sustainable digital lead & marketing strategy. Whether matchmaking webinars or online content marketing, exclusive digital events, or whitepapers; tailored to your goals and needs, we put together an individual solution package for you. And so that you can always rely on the quality of our products and services, we work transparently and structure according to clear quality specifications.

Our services for your new customer acquisition at a glance

Content Campaigns

Lead Generation, Brand Presence & Content Delivery
Lead Generation
GDPR Conform Leads
IT Infrastructur and Set up
hubs101 App
AI-Powered Matchmaking
Virtual Meetings
Meeting Introductions
Social Media Marketing
On Demand Promotion


Lead Generation, Matchmaking, Lead Nurturing
Lead Generation
GDPR Conform Leads
IT Infrastructur and Set up
hubs101 App
AI-Powered Matchmaking
Virtual Meetings
Meeting Introductions
Social Media Marketing
On Demand Promotion

Digital Managed Events

Lead Generation, Customized B2B Digital Conferences, Branding & Exposure
Lead Generation
GDPR Conform Leads
IT Infrastructur and Set up
hubs101 App
AI-Powered Matchmaking
Virtual Meetings
Meeting Introductions
Social Media Marketing
On Demand Promotion

How it works

Expert advice

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced experts. We accompany you in the formulation of your content marketing strategy, in the goal setting of your campaign, the creation of the content, the steering, and the controlling. If you wish, we can take the wheel for you and you can look over our shoulder.

Campaign creation and control

We create your campaign conveniently via our blog and our software tools. You do not need any prior knowledge, we will guide you intuitively through each phase of the campaign, step by step. Content creation, landing pages, mailings, postings in social networks – trust us, we will control your campaign for your success.

B2B-Lead generation

You get measurable results in the form of fully qualified B2B leads for your sales. All the relevant information about a contact that you need in order to be well prepared for direct contact in sales. Department, decision-maker level, company size, industries, country, budget, and investment period are important lead indicators for most of our customers.

Lead reporting

With our reporting and analytics, you can see all the details of customer behavior in the hubs101 app. You receive all data clearly arranged and for download in the app. This will get you all the insights you need to improve your sales funnel efficiency and boost return on investment.

It’s all about Data

AI, Event BI, Reports & Dashboards

Participant interests and intentions

Determine buyer intent and find new content topics from network interests.

Create your own matchmaking rules

You keep control and decide which keywords to find, filter and search. Based on your specifications, our software matches visitors with the optimal networking recommendations.

Participant Analytics & Participant ROI

Participant behavior

See who visited your virtual booth, who attended your session, and also the participation rates – Get a detailed report and find out who found which profile interesting, who preferred which session, and why.

Request, accepted & successful meetings

See who met who, control who can meet who, and get a detailed breakdown of all meetings and meeting status taking place at your event.

Our services at a glance

As part of our campaign management, we offer various services from briefing to lead delivery.

Consulting and Service
Campaign Creation & Control
Lead Delivery & Qualification
Campaign Briefing
Analysis of Potential

What our customers say


“It was super interactive with great attendees, partners & speakers and lots of opportunities for interaction”

Pepita van den Heiligenberg
Data & AI Strategy Manager


“First class, all segments of an online concept and lead quality are clear, maintained and reliable!”

Petter Olsson
Senior Technical Support Engineer


“Attendees are exactly our target audience – Super webinar for networking & lead generation.”

Sinem Gülcehre
Head of Marketing Central Europe


“Great webcast with so many new customers we haven’t talked to yet”

Keith Bowen
Technical Decision Maker


“In summary: Expectations exceeded! We will continue to strengthen our lead pipeline with you in the future!”

Nikolo Velinov
Budget Decision Maker

GDPR Compliant & Secure

Our data & services comply with the requirements of the GDPR. Our experienced team offers customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. We help you implement the GDPR requirements and offer comprehensive support in creating data protection policies and procedures. In addition, we offer you a secure infrastructure that ensures the protection of your data and compliance with the GDPR guidelines. With our GDPR-compliant services, you can focus on your core business while we take care of creating compliant data. Get our secure GDPR-compliant services now – Contact us today for more information.

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