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Case Study: Our RPA journey at Deutsche Telekom Service

ScaleUp 360° Cognitive Business Automation Spring Europe is the digital summit for experts and decision makers in RPA, AI & Intelligent Automation. This presentation from Deutsche Telekom AG is part of the 2-day online summit taking place on February 2 – 3, 2021.

Deutsche Telekom is driving the digital transformation of the company and is managing one of the largest Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementations within Europe with 3.000 bots to empower its service & customer care organization.

The session “Our RPA journey at Deutsche Telekom Service – How we scaled up to 3.000 bots and why and how we re-invented automation – from frontend to backend automation” with Marco Einacker, Vice President Service IT at Deutsche Telekom AG, will shed light on the challenges on the road to successfully orchestrate such a highly scaled automation platform, the key success factors to achieve cost savings and increased (internal) customer satisfaction as well as the strategic move from simple RPA to Intelligent Frontend-to-Backend Automation to achieve the true benefits of Automation.

The presentation will address:

  • Our RPA journey from 2015 until now
  • Key success factors on how we scaled up to one of Europe’s biggest bot farms
  • Key results & benefits we gained from RPA Automation
  • Challenges & our new strategy to move from simple RPA to “Intelligent & Orchestrated Frontend to Backend Automation”

When? 09:00 AM – 09:30 AM | February 3, 2021
Where? Right from your desk at home

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