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Case Study: 5G and Artificial Intelligence transforming Cars and Transportation System

The Automotive industry is undergoing digital transformation where 5G will be the connectivity fabric for the future of automotive and the emergence of a supporting smart transportation system. Enhancements will span the redesign of in-vehicle experiences with leading intelligent and infotainment capabilities, to support for richer cloud services, content and applications, as well as traffic efficiency and road safety. At the intersection of this mobility revolution lie 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which represent the underlying fabric for tomorrow’s more connected, intelligent transportation system. If the engine is the heart of the vehicle, then artificial intelligence (AI) is its brain, processing and analyzing the surrounding environment.

Join Qualcomm’s session “5G and Artificial Intelligence transforming Cars and Transportation System” with Thomas Dannemann, Director Product Marketing at Qualcomm Communications and learn about:

  • 5G and how low latency is a prerequisite for autonomous vehicle development.
  • AI will play a key role, not only in transforming automotive, but also the entire transportation industry.
  • Qualcomm is applying AI to many of our technologies from connectivity and audio to multimedia and computer vision to enable many use cases that expand from infotainment, driver monitoring to ADAS functionality.
  • Using AI for in-vehicle experiences will play a key role in the transition to autonomy, especially Levels 3 and 4.
  • Full Automation of level 5 is where true autonomous driving becomes a reality.

When? 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM | February 3, 2021
Where? Right from your desk at home

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