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AUTO.AI Europe | Decision Making in Autonomous Vehicles

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Why You Need to Watch This Keynote:

The focus of this keynote by Kathrin Kind-Trueller, Senior Researcher AI for Vehicle Control at Volkswagen, is on the pivotal role of AI in the realm of Autonomous Vehicles. It emphasizes the ongoing challenge of establishing a reliable and trustworthy model for safe and secure vehicle control. Currently, most vehicles are in a learning (shadow) mode, which is critical for collecting and labeling data for autonomous driving. This presentation will shed light on innovative methods for AI clustering and validation of AI Models, along with proposing essential quality processes and methods to ensure the safety and security in AI.

Learn about:

  • Building a Reliability and Trust Model for AI in Autonomous Vehicles.
  • The significance of Shadow Mode in Vehicles for Data Collection and Labeling.
  • Introduction to Novel Methods of AI Clustering and Validation of AI Models.
  • Basic Quality Processes and Methods for Safety and Security in AI.
  • Addressing Key Questions:
    • How do you know you can trust the data?
    • Are all AI models wrong and only some AI Models are useful?
    • AI Models are only as good as their data.
  • Overcoming Edge Cases with Data in Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Development.
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