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White Paper by Aspera: Implementing SAM at Voith

The case study by Aspera documents challenges, milestones and benefits with regard to the implementation of a Software Asset Management for the global engineering company Voith. The project provided the development and documentation of processes and roles for a centralized Software License Management System. Aspera implemented, inter alia, specific requirements, including a transfer database for SCCM data and data protection compliant software-metering and realized Server License Management for Microsoft products.

SAM benefits

  • Establish group-wide, centralized Software License Management with documented, standardized procedures.
  • Minimize overhead costs through global standardization and automatically determining license needs and requirements.
  • Internal customer satisfaction, trust in data quality.
  • Faster decisions based on up-to-date data and automatically generated reports.

Download and view the full success story on the implementation of a centralized Software License Management system.

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