Evolutionary Organizations Reimagine the Future

Today, the most successful and valuable companies in the world are “change machines.” They’re optimized for continuous transformation, enabling them to not only keep up with the constant change happening around them, but also actively turn it to their advantage. To compete with them, you need to lean into disruption, broaden your lens on change, and enable sustainable, holistic transformation by becoming an evolutionary organization.

In this MIT Technology Review Insights report, you’ll learn about survey results from 275 corporate leaders to see how they’re approaching digital transformation today and the obstacles in their way. 

The report reveals why digital transformation takes more than just implementing new technology, and why organizations need to broaden their lens on change and develop new core capabilities to become evolutionary organizations.

Download the report now to discover a new kind of organization that’s optimized to embrace continuous change, and find out what it takes to become one.

Prepare yourself for continuous change: Download the report today.

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