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EU Data Protection Regulation – Aftermath for companies?

Each minute, huge amounts of data circulate around the globe without people caring about their data being collected, stored and exchanged between organizations. But public concern is increasing due to recurring data breaches and the certainty that social networks and websites are gathering personal data. The lack of trust in internet and digital threatens the future of online commerce and services – this could delay the progress of the digital transformation worldwide.
In order to tackle the issue and ensure protection of personal data, the EU created the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When implemented, the regulation will become law for all companies that are part of the Information Security Forum (ISF). It will have an international reach, affecting any organisation that handles the personal data of EU residents.

Key aspects: ISF members will take steps to:

  • Know how data are handled
  • Prepare for data breaches
  • Develop transparent governance

Which aspects does the new EU regulation tackle and what should companies be aware of for the future? Read the full document and prepare yourself for what is still to come.

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