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ScaleUp 360° Continuous Delivery & Automation Europe Summer

Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Continuous Delivery & Automation Summer Europe – the digital event for DevOps experts, end users and practitioners. Experience 2 days of virtual sessions and case studies on DevOps & Software Development/Deployment innovations by true industry thought leaders. Learn, engage and discuss innovation in real-time with thought leaders across the globe.

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June 8 – 9, 2021

Key topics:

Impacts of DevOps on customer experience, productivity, costs & profitability, speed & application delivery by using Continuous Delivery
Continuous Deployment – Keeping up your documentation process along with the pace of deployments
Efficiently deploying and scaling cloud native applications with Kubernetes
GitOps – Ensuring best practices for cloud native deployment, management and monitoring: What are the main benefits of continuous delivery using Git repos as the single source of truth, immutably and declaratively managing infrastructure and applications?
DevOps at scale – Best-in-class approaches to implementing DevOps in large, complex organizations
Microservices & Containers – Finding the right toolkit to improve scalability and fault isolation
Mastering the cultural hurdles when implementing DevOps at an enterprise level by addressing barriers to cultural change
PaaS, IaaS, Edge, FaaS/Serverless Computing – What is the necessary infrastructure technology stack for your organization and how can DevOps play a crucial role in cloud migration and application scalability.
Bringing together brownfield and greenfield applications in the context of cloud-based / hybrid infrastructures
DevSecOps – How to make DevOps and Security run in the same sprint

At ScaleUp 360° Continuous Delivery & Automation, attendees can participate in a variety of interesting, interactive sessions. Here are a few of the highlights that await you in June:

Euler Hermes | Sophie Rutard | Bye, bye monoliths – Rebuilding the IT with microservices in the insurance industry
Nordea | Andrew Minter | Progressing automation and measurement – Designing SDLC as an enabler for DevOps
Deutsche Bahn | Johannes Dienst | Architecture Decision Records for fun and profit – Progressing effective software development by enabling your teams to easily find previous decisions
CIBC | Rakesh Dhole | Why data are critical for enabling effective DevOps?
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