SAMS Nordic 2019: How to Increase SAM Security & Reduce Software Costs

For more than eight years, the Software Asset Management Strategies (SAMS) conference by we.CONECT is Europe’s leading knowledge exchange platform for software asset management and IT procurement. Now it´s coming to the Nordics, bringing together more than 120 software asset managers and IT procurement managers from top companies in the Scandinavian area. The SAMS Nordic will be the first and only conference that is free of any mega-vendors and auditors, so you can discuss your licensing challenges in a safe environment.

Many companies struggle for an operative management of licenses instead of deriving benefits from a proactive strategic software asset management. At the same time, the continuous modification of licensing models and technology changes like virtualization, cloud and as a service solutions or enterprise mobility produce new additional challenges to the SAM of most companies. SAMS Nordic is the place to share ideas, learn from the best, improve SAM and reduce software costs. Using the we.CONECT Multi-Touchpoint Networking approach, the SAMS Nordic 2019 is a combination of distinguished expert keynotes and well moderated, interactive World Café sessions, intensive discussion rounds and various networking sessions that focus on approaches, processes and tools for legally compliant management of software assets and licenses.

Look forward to expert presentations by:

  • Taco Rensink, Global Procurement & Software Asset Manager, Skanska
  • Thomas Klausholm, Senior Administrator & Søren Deding, Senior Administrator, Lego Group
  • Anders Wester, Software Asset Manager, SKF AB
  • Jesper Lassen, Software Asset Manager, Velux
  • Karin Skyman, Senior IT Purchaser, Vattenfall AB
  • Petra Larsson, Application/Software Asset Manager, Nordnet
  • Kristian Nørætt, Senior IT Asset Manager, Danske Bank
  • Kim Hartz, Asset Manager, Tryg Insurance A/S
  • Mircea Marcean, Software Asset Manager, Sandvik IT Services AB
  • Jari Kauppi, IT Sourcing Manager, SOK Corporation
  • Jas Kalay, Global Software Asset Manager, Informa
  • Derk Jan Brands, Software Asset Manager, Air France KLM
  • Henk Dirven, Head of License Management, ABN AMRO Group
  • Walter Mauricci, Asset & License Manager, Folksam
  • Valerio Matteucci, Global Software Asset Manager, Carlsberg Group
  • Damian Skibinski, IT Asset Manager, Volvo Polska

For further information about the sessions and speakers, check out the agenda:


11 – 12 March | AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, Denmark

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