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Porsche Case Study: Data Metamorphosis as business enabler at Porsche

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Join the live session on “Data Metamorphosis as business enabler at Porsche“ with Sridhar Mamella, Platform Manager for Data Streaming Platforms at Porsche AG – live in Berlin or right from your desk!

Extreme amounts of data is being generated everyday across the world via diverse sources in the Automotive Industry. Due to this substantial growth, there are many possibilities to collect, analyze, and store data. However, we also need to make this data work for you, in order to achieve your business goals.

  • How Data is changing the automotive industry
  • Data is everywhere, however, how do we make it work for us?
  • Data Streaming at Porsche
  • Which challenges are faced when implementing a companywide solution


Sridhar Mamella

Platform Manager for Data Streaming Platforms

Sridhar is the Platform Manager for Data Streaming Platforms. He is responsible for the Data Streaming Strategy along with building robust and fault-tolerant software-services at Porsche. He was born in Bombay, grew up in London and currently lives in Stuttgart, he enjoys fast cars and a good cup of coffee.

Porsche AG

“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.“

This quote from Ferry Porsche gets to the heart of everything that makes Porsche what it is. It has been our guiding star – for more than 70 years. With commitment, passion and enthusiasm, we strive for the best solution every day. We courageously go new and untested ways. With an entrepreneurial pioneering spirit, we make unique, sustainable solutions possible. We love challenges, act quickly and always act respectfully and fair for people and the environment. At Porsche, the focus is on the cohesion and teamwork of our employees. Because if you want others’​ hearts to beat faster, you have to carry your own in the right place.

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enterprise:CODE 2021 is the unique end user-driven event focused on the challenges that businesses are experiencing when adopting and scaling DevOps at the enterprise level. During its 6th edition, 200 software development experts and IT Operations Leaders representing top European Companies will unveil their journey to Continuous Delivery, Testing/Automation and Microservices revealing insights into best practices and tooling strategies.

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