Digital Workplace Trends 2021

Creating a digital employee experience for the hybrid workforce.

Employee experience has always been important, but it has never been as critical as it is today.
A strong employee experience delivers all of the above, because it starts with the employee at the center, and then prioritizes those elements of the workplace that really matter. By applying this focus in a coordinated way, organizations ultimately reap the benefits with better productivity, stronger talent retention, fantastic
customer service and happier employees. And here, the digital workplace can play a very significant role.

In this year’s report, we detail the 2021 trends across the digital workplace and digital employee experience that provide opportunities for practitioners to make a difference. Drawing inspiration from LiveTiles customers, we cover three main themes – the Connected Workplace, Improving Productivity and the HumanCentered Workplace


  • The connected organization:: Connecting the entire workforce for the smooth and efficient flow of knowledge, information and data, enhancing enterpriselevel processes and culture.
  • The human-centered workplace:: : A shift to a more people-centric and empathetic culture, with employees at the heart of every decision made.
  • Enabling productivity:: Using technology and tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an increasingly dispersed workforce during a very fragile business climate.
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