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Opening Keynote: Pioneering Mars! (and how ideas for living off the land allowed us to colonize the red planet in 2034)

Kurt Leucht, Command & Control Software Lead at NASA


Immutable Infrastructure – Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?
Chad Schorr, Development Director at Associated Press

09:30 Uhr

Building technical and organizational confidence through automated deployments

Mieke Denen, Project Manager Deployment Automation at UWV


Mobile Application Development & IoT – Microservices & Containerization – How technologies and architecture has been evolved at Uber in order to bring real-time data to the devices

Minh Pham, Mobile Platform Tech Lead at Uber


DevOps Architecture and Infrastructure

Keith Watson, Director of DevOps at ADP


What Happens When You Break All the Rules ?

Harald Wesenberg, IT Specialist – Research and Development at Statoil


Scaling DevOps & Continuous Delivery – The cloud journey in an Enterprise

Anders Lundsgard, Cloud Engineer at Scania


A Research Study into DevOps bottlenecks

Dror Bereznitsky, VP Products at JFrog