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AI and machine learning: Buzzword or the next big thing in ITAM?

In the rapidly changing technological environment of today, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged as a hot topic in ITAM. The burning question on everyone’s mind is: Could AI be a game-changer for ITAM?

Embark on an exclusive discussion of industry experts and market leaders, guiding us through the state of IT asset management innovation:

• Hot Topics: Discover the trending areas of ITAM and AI that are shaping the future of asset management.
• Real-World Use Cases: Learn from customer success stories showcasing the power of AI in ITAM and what pitfalls to avoid.
• Actionable Insights: Gain practical guidance on developing an ITAM AI roadmap and unlocking quick wins for your organization.

This session promises insights and inspirations from today’s achievements to tomorrow’s possibilities. Join us in this session and reveal how enterprises will be maximizing the value of ITAM and they can benefit from an AI revolution at scale.

Any burning questions? You’ll have the opportunity to ask in a live Q&A session after the webinar. 


Lauran van Eyck

Solution Sales Specialist at USU

Lauran van Eyck has been working for USU in various positions since January 2021. As a Solution Sales Specialist, he currently supports customers in designing solutions to master the challenges of license management, such as optimizing software usage and reducing compliance risks.
He studied International Business Management at the MCI in Innsbruck and entered IT by founding his own start-up.


Robbie Plourde

Global Principal Solution Engineer at USU

Robbie Plourde is a FinOps Certified Technology and IT Transformation Executive with over twenty years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies implementing IT management solutions. In his current role as Principal Solution Engineer, he is responsible for monitoring the marketplace and providing competitive analysis, strategies, and tactics to ensure their products exceed the expectations of their customers and market needs.


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