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Case Study: Gaining competitive edge through pipeline optimisation

ScaleUp 360° Competitive Intelligence in Pharma & Life Science Europe – the digital event for executives who play an active role in the Competitive Intelligence and Strategy in Pharma and Life Science scene is starting on April 27. Experience 2 days of virtual sessions & case studies on technologies & business strategies for efficient and influential CI/MI Team.

Register here for free to join for example the session of Jacqueline Kourieh, Senior Manager at Camdridge Healthcare Research:

Innovation in the pharma industry is undergoing a period of significant change, with many products losing market exclusivity and competition increasing from new entrants. Maintaining a diversified early pipeline and staying up-to-date with the most promising scientific discoveries is crucial to safeguard future success. In this presentation, will be discussed about:

  • the role of strategic partnerships in driving innovation
  • describe two examples of ‘hot’ novel therapies
  • hearing the perspectives of pioneers in this field
  • how they expect their products to revolutionize the patient journey in the future

From Competitive Intelligence Specialists and Strategists to Strategy Leaders and Data Geeks. Over 250 of the most influential experts – be part of it.

Register now for ScaleUp 360° Competitive Intelligence in Pharma & Life Science Europe, join the sessions and start networking!

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