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Bayer Case Study: A new way to recruit, internally and externally

ScaleUp 360° Cognitive HR Europe is the digital event for Leading experts in the fields of AI, Chatbots, Advanced analytics, Automation and Machine Learning in Human Resources.

Join the live session onA new way to recruit, internally and externally – How Bayer is adopting a Talent intelligent Platform and internal career marketplace to optimize and improve our talent strategy with Martha Gohring, Global Content Lead – Talent Acquisition and Bernd Schmitz, Director Early Talent Acquistion form Bayer aG, for free & right from your desk:

We have been rolling out the AI powered Talent program in the last year, and now we are starting the internal career marketplace to make sure our internal talent has a chance to develop and grow within the company.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Our AI in HR story and its impact on the company
  • Our AI-driven career marketplace – why is it important, and what are the goals?
  • How these technologies will help our team, as well as make our internal and external candidate experience better

Register now for free for this years ScaleUp 360° Cognitive HR Europe from April 20 – 21. Experience 2 days of virtual sessions & case studies on AI-based technologies in HR. Learn, engage and discuss innovation in real-time with thought leaders across the globe.

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