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All paths to a successful digital transformation of the business lead to the IT of the company: To generate added value with new technologies, IT must be able to provide them to the business quickly, efficiently, reliably, and securely in the form of applications and IT infrastructure. From the implementation of new solutions and the development of applications, software and the increasing shift to public cloud services to IT security, the transformation of the IT organization to the optimal handling of legacy IT and modernization of legacy systems as well as IT procurement and cost control of IT assets – the changes affect all areas of IT. Our community consists of leading specialists & decision-makers from the areas of IT infrastructure, IT operations, IT service management, software & application development, IT security, and IT purchasing – with our webinars, digital events, or our online content marketing, we put together an individual package for lead generation, tailored to your services.

Our IT & DevOps database in detail

Reach IT decision-makers in the following areas (among others)

IT Security 94300 Contacts
IT Infrastructure, IT Architecture 76800 Contacts
Cloud Services, Cloud Computing 41100 Contacts
Software Development / Software Engineering 28000 Contacts
IT Directors / CIOs 13500 Contacts
DevOps 81200 Contacts
IAM / Identity & Access Management 53600 Contacts
Continuous Delivery / Automation 38500 Contacts
IT Service Management 29600 Contacts
IT Asset Management, IT Purchasing, Software Asset Management 19900 Contacts

Main topics of our customers (among others)

We recommend the following topics for a matchmaking webinar, podcast, lead campaign, or digital event

New technologies and concepts in the context of the overall IT transformation
Transformation of processes, organisation and automation
Best practices for creating transparency and reducing IT costs
Cyber Resilience, AI & Data Security
Operational implementation examples and practical ROI of IT infrastructure projects
Cloud & Mobile Security, Edge-, IoT & IIoT Security
Continuous Delivery & Automation
Containerization & Kubernetes, IaaS, Cloud Platforms & Serverless
Multi-cloud management, server, storage & network modernisation, containers, serverless
Digitalisation, Organizational Change & IT Operations

Your topic is not included?
Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on your tailor-made lead strategy.

Our services for your new customer acquisition at a glance


The Leading All-In-One Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform
hubs101 App License
Platform Integration
Al-Powered Matchmaking
DSGVO Compliant Reg. Form
Domain Personalization
One2One Chat or Video
Extended Analytics
White-labeled Events
Live Polling


Lead Generation, Matchmaking, Lead Nurturing
Lead Generation
GDPR Conform Leads
IT Infrastructur and Set up
Hubs 101 App
AI-Powered Matchmaking
Virtual Meetings
Meeting Introductions
Social Media Marketing
On Demand Promotion

Digital Managed Events

Lead Generation, Customized B2B Digital Conferences, Branding & Exposure
Lead Generation
GDPR Conform Leads
IT Infrastructur and Set up
Hubs 101 App
AI-Powered Matchmaking
Virtual Meetings
Meeting Introductions
Social Media Marketing
On Demand Promotion

Our way of working – your success

Do you have interesting content for the IT industry that you would like to share? Are you an expert in cloud, IT infrastructure, IT security, or e.g. software development? Your individual campaign will be planned with one of our marketing managers. Depending on which package you have purchased or how you formulate your goals, we can implement your customized campaign.

Expert advice

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced IT experts. We accompany you in the formulation of your content marketing strategy, the goal setting of your campaign, the creation of the content, the steering, and the controlling. If you wish, we can take the wheel for you and you can look over our shoulder.

Campaign creation and control

We create your campaign conveniently via our blog and our software tools. You do not need any prior knowledge, we will guide you intuitively through each phase of the campaign, step by step. Content creation, landing pages, mailings, postings in social networks – trust us, we will control your campaign for your success.

B2B-Lead generation

You get measurable results in the form of fully qualified B2B leads for your sales. All the relevant information about a contact that you need in order to be well prepared for direct contact in sales. Department, decision-maker level, company size, industries, country, budget, and investment period are important lead indicators for most of our customers.

Lead reporting

With more than 400,000 IT contacts with direct leads from corporate decision-makers in our database and together with more than 20,000 followers on social media, we provide industry professionals and decision-makers with exclusive insights, news, and trends in the form of presentations, articles, webinars, and much more.

It’s all about Data

AI, Event BI, Reports & Dashboards

Participant interests and intentions

Determine buyer intent and find new content topics from network interests.

Create your own matchmaking rules

You keep control and decide which keywords to find, filter and search. Based on your specifications, our software matches visitors with the optimal networking recommendations.

Participant Analytics & Participant ROI

Participant behavior

See who visited your virtual booth, who attended your session, and also the participation rates – Get a detailed report and find out who found which profile interesting, who preferred which session, and why.

Request, accepted & successful meetings

See who met who, control who can meet who, and get a detailed breakdown of all meetings and meeting status taking place at your event.

Our services at a glance

We have an extensive database of global organizations, SMEs & hidden champions – and of course their decision-makers and budget managers, who are often difficult to reach. With our help, you will reach companies that are not yet using your services.

Consulting and Service
Campaign Creation & Control
Lead Delivery & Qualification
Campaign Briefing
Analysis of Potential

Feedback from our satisfied clients


“Top networking opportunities, good presentation opportunities, top organization, and leads that fit the bill.”

Deloitte Services Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH


“Very good contacts on the customer side in a very good platform with a detailed and very good process and excellent marketing.”

Business Development Manager


“Broad aspects of options, good compilation of leads, super data for follow up.”

Program Director IT Risk & Privacy


“Top-notch platform and service!”

Head of Marketing


“Super concept – very good webinar – great matchmaking!”

Field Marketing Manager EMEA


“I was very pleased with the support and service I received before, during and after the webinar. It made the whole process very pleasant.”

Senior Marketing Manager & BD


“I was very impressed with the quality of netowrking during the webinar. I was able to speak to many potential leads during and afterward and make valuable contacts.”

T-Systems Multimedia
Marketing & Event Manager


“I found the format of the webinar very engaging and interactive. It facilitated networking and actively engaged the participants.”

BMC Software GmbH
Lead Marketing Manager DACH


“I was impressed by the number of attendees and the variety of industries represented. This made networking even more interesting.”

Regional Senior Marketing Manager DACH


“I was impressed with the number of attendees and the variety of industries represented. It made networking even more interesting.”

Head of Event Management

GDPR Compliant & Secure

Our data & services comply with the requirements of the GDPR. Our experienced team offers customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. We help you implement the GDPR requirements and offer comprehensive support in creating data protection policies and procedures. In addition, we offer you a secure infrastructure that ensures the protection of your data and compliance with the GDPR guidelines. With our GDPR-compliant services, you can focus on your core business while we take care of creating compliant data. Get our secure GDPR-compliant services now – Contact us today for more information.

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