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White Paper: Enabling DevOps Success with SolidFire

DevOps, the blending of development and operations, allows for continuous streams of code development in which requirements are addressed in near real time. In today’s quickly evolving world, agility is a key driver to success. It is no longer enough to generate and deliver bug-free code once or twice a year. The speed at which the world now consumes data and information is ever increasing. We need instant, current applications, data, and news. The white paper by NetApp outlines the basic thoughts beyond DevOps and its most important technical benefits by the example of the DevOps solution SolidFire.

Key Technical Benefits:

Continuous software delivery
Reduced problem complexity
More visibility
Faster resolution of issues
Less rework and unplanned work

Download the full white paper and learn why DevOps is now a mission-critical function for many organizations.

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