Mastering InnovationOps

Innovation is a critical driver of business growth in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. However, many businesses struggle to effectively harness innovation to achieve their growth goals. InnovationOps is a powerful methodology for achieving business growth through innovation.

InnovationOps combines cultural philosophies, practices, people and tools to operationalize innovation. By following this approach, businesses can develop and implement innovative ideas that range from incremental to radical to drive growth and success.

In this masterclass, we will explore how businesses can use InnovationOps to achieve business growth. We will begin by discussing the key principles of InnovationOps, creating a synchronized system of innovation by bringing together the people across the organization, with the processes they use perform key innovation jobs. We will provide practical examples and case studies to illustrate how these elements can be applied in real-world situations.

Next, we will explore how to build a culture of innovation within an organization. We will discuss the importance of leadership in fostering innovation and provide guidance on how to build and manage an innovation team.

We will also discuss the importance of metrics and measurement in driving business growth through innovation. We will provide guidance on how to measure and track the success of innovation initiatives and how to use this data to inform future innovation efforts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Throughout the masterclass, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in interactive exercises designed to help them apply the principles of InnovationOps to their own businesses.
  • By the end of the masterclass, participants will have a clear understanding of how InnovationOps can be used to achieve business growth. They will have a roadmap for developing and executing innovative ideas that drive growth and success in their businesses. They will also have the knowledge and skills to build and manage an innovation team and create a culture of innovation within their organization.


Paul Heller

Chief Evangelist, Sopheon

Paul navigates the technology landscape for both Sopheon and its customers and identifies the business values linked to investments in innovation management systems and processes. He advises executives on how to be more successful in innovation and execution of strategies such as sustainability. He regularly speaks and writes about innovation to business audiences and hosts a weekly podcast on innovation.


Sopheon (LON: SPE) provides complete Innovation Management software and services to help customers achieve increased growth, mitigate new product risk, gain competitive advantage, and improve profitability. It was founded with the merger of two companies: one, a software company focused on language-intensive business processes and another, a business subscription service company that solved problems through “expert networks” for leading R&D-based companies. Subsequently, over a decade ago, Sopheon introduced its flagship product, Accolade, focused on the key needs of companies driving and innovation and new product development.

But we didn’t stop there; Sopheon continues to innovate our business with our own new products and ones acquired to continue to meet the needs of customers, for product managementinnovation project management, and front end of innovation and product lifecycles. Why? We want to empower companies to create the products and innovations that change the world.

Today, Sopheon is a market leader in the innovation market. Our leadership in innovation management was highlighted in the comprehensive MarketsandMarkets™ report on the Innovation Management Market where Sopheon was listed in the “Stars” category, the highest recognition. Sopheon’s solutions have been implemented by more than 250 customers with over 125,000 users in 50 countries.


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