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Solution Study Robert Bosch GmbH: Approaching driver distraction in automated vehicles

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Today, we are happy to present another exclusive on-demand video from this year’s “from Home” version:

Approaching driver distraction in automated vehicles by Prof. Dr. Dietrich Manstetten, Chief Expert Human-Machine Interaction at Robert Bosch GmbH.

Approaching driver distraction in automated vehicles – will surfing the web distract from driving or vice versa and how all this impacts future HMI design.

With level 2 and level 3 vehicle automation, driver monitoring systems become more and more relevant to ensure the overall safety of driving. They can even be considered as a substantial requirement to install a successful automation system. With a level 2 system, the driver has to supervise the traffic situation and the functionality of the system permanently; with a level 3 system, he has to show a degree of take-over readiness while driving in the automated mode. Distraction is a specific type of inattention and hinders the driver in the correct execution of his task. The presentation starts with some theoretical background illustrating the specific differences according to the automation levels. It shows several technical approaches of driver monitoring systems to detect distracted driving and demonstrates how they inform the driver or even intervene in the functionality of the automation. Empirical research is presented to provide evidence on how this approach increases the overall driving safety.

Key messages

  • Vehicle automation will not solve the topic of distracted driving by itself.
  • The level of automation defines the driver’s task. The driver’s task defines what has to be considered as distraction.
  • Driver monitoring systems with different technical approaches can detect driver distraction. In-vehicle cameras are the best option.
  • Finally, it’s all about safety. Informing the driver in case of distraction or even intervening can increase the overall safety of automated driving.

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