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Case Study Faurecia: My Cockpit of the Future

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The event provides you with precise insights into new business use cases, concepts, technical challenges and innovations while offering you the chance to discuss specific roadmaps for autonomous vehicles, MaaS, robo taxis, car sharing and under the motto “Intuitive Vehicles + Next Generation UX + HMIs

Today, we are happy to present another exclusive on-demand video from this year’s “from Home” version:

My Cockpit of the Future – Case study presented at Virtual Car HMI 2020 by Gert-Dieter Tuzar, HMI & Ux Designer at Faurecia.

Mobility is at a turning point. Connected vehicles, autonomous driving, ride-sharing, and electrification will radically change the expectations of what we want and expect from time spent on the move. Faurecia’s innovation is at the heart of this transformation.

«My Cockpit of the Future» essays how Faurecia envisions the near future based on technology that allows to offer a safer, more comfortable and personalized user experience. «My Cockpit of the Future» was first published on CES 2020.

Key Take-Aways of “My Cockpit of the Future” end to end-user experience:
-How to upgrade comfort, entertainment & services for manual & autonomous travel
-How to understand a car interior as an experience stage and still maintaining safety aspects
-End-user personification of display content
-How to solve the need for shared and individualized user experiences


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