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Rising to the challenge with The FBI

Leadership and innovation with Mr Brent Yonk

Are you curious about the intersection of leadership, technology, and national security?
Look no further than the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division’s Technology and Data Innovation Section, where Assistant Section Chief Brent Yonk is making a difference every day. In this exclusive interview, Brent shares his insights on the most exciting aspects of the FBI´s role, including their use of cutting-edge technology and the opportunity to develop the leadership abilities of their team members.
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the FBI’s innovative approach and learn how Brent Yonk plans to present his case study “Rising to the Challenge: Leadership & Technology at The FBI” at the upcoming Rethink HR Tech USA 2023 conference.
Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the crucial role technology plays in security.

You work as the Assistant Section Chief in the FBI Counterterrorism Division’s, Technology and Data Innovation Section – which tasks would you highlight as particularly interesting?
What is most exciting about your role, and why are you passionate about your job?
“Working at the FBI is a truly rewarding experience in its own right but I am incredibly privileged to also be working at a nexus of several areas that I am particularly passionate about including leadership, emerging technology, and protecting the American people. Every day as I walk amongst my teams, I hear incredible stories about how our capabilities and services are helping to locate bad actors and protect our citizens. The outcomes of our work is certainly what is most exciting.

I also enjoy meeting with public and private sector partners looking for ways to contribute to our essential mission. Learning about the many amazing new technological capabilities constantly being developed is always fascinating.  I am also highly passionate about working with the diverse and talented people within my section to strengthen their individual and collective leadership abilities. I hope to leave behind a stronger, more resilient, and more innovative team than when I arrived.

What are the biggest difficulties? What do you see as particularly challenging compared to “standard” organizations?

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