THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd | 10 a.m.


(Data-)Productize Your Business

Is your organization struggling to find, access, and leverage data? If your data is strewn across disparate sources and can’t be used centrally, you are letting key-added value go to waste. Data Mesh has the potential to break down such data silos, and make data usable through the centralized organization, thus preventing bottlenecks.

In this webinar powered by we.CONECT, we show you how to put the principles of Data Mesh into action using our enabling technology One Data Cartography. One Data Cartography enables business domains to create, visualize and maintain an up-to-date inventory of the data they own. The self-service tool supports the decentralized provision and quality assurance among well-defined data products and provides transparency on technical or logical connections between them for both data providers and consumers.

In a nutshell, you will learn:

  • About the value of transparency in your data landscape
  • How to connect data from silos in your organization
  • How you can turn data into a product
  • How to publish data products to 3rd party tools like tableau

Any burning questions? You’ll have the opportunity to ask them in a Q&A session after the webinar. 


Magdalena Söldner

Principal Product Manager at One Data GmbH

Magdalena completed her BA in business administration and economics at the University of Passau in 2015. She then obtained her master’s degree, during which she spent a semester studying in California. Magdalena has been a member of the One Data team since 2014 and has progressed steadily. Starting off as a working student in our Data Science unit, she was promoted to Senior Data Scientist in 2020, specializing in Purchase to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C) processes within the field of SAP. Magdalena has been Principal Product Manager at One Data since 2022 and is leading the development of One Data Cartography’s capabilities towards managing data as a product in data mesh organizations.


One Data is a fast-growing software company based out of Germany. Our mission is to enable data experts to build data products that business users need.​

By using our software and highly experienced team, data experts can collaborate across different data silos in a rapid, automated, and quality-guaranteed way. This enables our customers to successfully find new ways to operationalize and monetize their data assets to make reliable forward-looking decisions according to best practices. ​

One Data allows data teams to act on modern data management concepts like Data Mesh or Data Fabric to scale data across the business.​

The core element of our solution is an interactive map that gives data experts full visibility across all relevant data sources. Our patented record linkage algorithms and automated workflows provide deeper insights into the ownership, quality, and connectivity of the different data sources. The results are trustworthy, understandable, and easy-to-access data products that provide value for the business.

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