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IT Procurement & Sourcing Europe 2022 – Siemens

Keynote at IT Procurement & Sourcing Europe 2022 | Facing the main challenges for digital transformation – Integrating Cyber Security into Supplier Management and Procurement Processes

Michael Deckert, Cyber Risk Management, Siemens AG

While the overall digital transformation of businesses requires more and more new technologies, cyber security is a crucial factor to the success of the digital economy. Not only people and organizations need to trust that their digital technologies are safe and secure; moreover, cyber security issues are a significant risk for the supply chains. The presentation explains the framework developed and used by Siemens to reduce risk by integrating cyber security measures into the supplier management and the procurement processes.

In this session, you will learn

  • How to best assess and ultimately reduce risk and successfully integrate cyber security into IT procurement processes
  • How to reduce complexity and find your way through the variety of different standards
  • How to optimize your supplier management and create more stability

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IT Procurement & Sourcing Europe in Berlin | September 24-26 2023

The Leading European IT Procurement & Sourcing Event!

While agility and speed progressively determine the success of business in the age of digital transformation, new technologies and new licensing and pricing models represent increasing challenges for organizations across all industries. The IT Procurement & Sourcing Summit brings together more than 100 IT sourcing, procurement, finance and vendor management decision makers from leading European companies to discuss effective IT Procurement strategies, exchange experiences on most successful negotiations and vendor relationship tactics and learn how to re-organize processes to enable agility of their organization and achieve better business outcomes.



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