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Interview with Petya Dasheva, Mercedes-Benz | Agile Auto & BASW 2022

Keynote speaker at Agile Automotive Engineering Summit 2022 and Better Automotive Software Summit 2022, Petya Dasheva, Team Lead MB.OS Tuner Software Development at Mercedes-Benz. 

Petya Dasheva is currently the Head of Tuner Software Development for MB.OS at Mercedes-Benz AG. She has more than 10 years record in IT, where she built on- and off-premise cloud & data center architectures, applications solutions, and managing a multi-million agile project. Before joining Mercedes-Benz AG, Petya was working as a lead software developer for a stand-off explosives detection software (in cooperation with Bundeswehr) and a microcast simulation software (in cooperation with Bosch). Petya is a keynote speaker at both of our upcoming co-located events in Berlin, Agile Automotive Engineering Summit and Better Automotive Software Summit, which are taking place on December 1-2, 2022.


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Petya’s keynote talk for Agile Automotive Engineering Summit: A Nürburgring-Nordschleife ride to a “SAFe” Embedded Software for Automotive

The Nürburgring-Nordschleife is famous for being one of the most legendary but also dangerous Formula 1 racetracks: a quite thrilling combination. Getting a good grip on it reminds a bit of our journey towards scaled-agile software development at MB.OS. We have achieved a good structure and pace and still we hit some bumps on the road – like keeping up with many changes from different car domains, integration speed, manual work, communication challenges, and missing DevOps knowledge in every single team. With this overview, I’d like to take you on our agile journey and present the ups and downs during this ride. Buckle up!

  • Agile & SAFe lives from efficient communication between the teams.
  • A common DevOps pipeline helps. Still, flexibility and fast integration are crucial for the success of the agile project.
  • Every developer team needs a DevOps specialist. This saves time and money.
  • In the future, we should automate and probably think of using AI for the integration of different projects in the common pipeline.

Keynote for Better Automotive Software Summit: Component-based Architecture for embedded Automotive Software

KISS is not just a band – this is the motto of our team (KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid). We, as real devs, don’t like to lose time and energy on insufficient tasks, therefore our hobby is making our life and work easy – by optimizing whatever we can. We started with what we know best – Entertainment software in the car; more precisely – our Tuner code architecture. In my keynote, I’d like to share with you our approach and findings but also get feedback and exchange with other participants on best practices.

  • Component-based development introduces the same benefits in the embedded world as in other software areas – reduction of development time and costs, software quality improvement, and specialization of expertise
  • The constantly growing amount of software in cars requires an optimized and scalable approach to architecture and development
  • We have implemented this approach on Tuner – an in-car entertainment application.

Agile Automotive Engineering Summit and Better Automotive Software Summit
Berlin, 1-2 December 2022

Agility in Automotive R&D | Methods, Best Practices, Tools, and Frameworks

Staying competitive and quickly being able to bring new products to the market is key in the automotive world. The industry is undergoing a transformation; from traditional development methods and structures to more adaptable structures. Being able to adapt quickly and still comply with industry standards (SPICE, ISO26262) and requirements (cybersecurity and more) is key.

The Automotive Agile Engineering Summit focuses on agility in the automotive industry; how to apply agile methods, principles and develop agile organizational structures to speed up product developments as well as launches, so the industry can reduce development times, and costs and thus stay competitive and meet customers’ needs as well as requirements.

Europe’s only event on software development in the automotive industry!

Software is driving tomorrow’s innovation and the future of the automotive industry will be defined by developments in the Software Defined Vehicle! Automotive OEMs must master quickly the complexity in a highly regulated industry and extend across platforms to keep software complexity manageable. The summit looks at the transformation from hardware to software deployment and the continued growth and innovation of software quality testing & verification and DevOps, Cloud & Edge Computing.
The event discusses the latest technical advancements in functional safety and cybersecurity and how connectivity, automation, and personalization features will be implemented with software in the future. Automotive service-oriented software architectures and real (over-the-air) updateability for connected, electric and autonomous vehicles are getting more important.
Directed at the leading DevOps experts, Cloud Architects, Software Engineers and decision-makers, the Better Automotive Software Summit is the only international knowledge exchange platform bringing together the entire automotive software development value chain – from OEMs, Tier 1s, automotive suppliers, and research institutes through to software providers.

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