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Now on demand: Synopsys Webcast – Building Security in DevOps with Intelligent Orchestration

You missed the Synopsys Webcast “Building Security in DevOps with Intelligent Orchestration” on the 27th January? No problem, watch the recording below.

In this Webcast with Meera Rao, Senior Director – Product Management at Synopsys, you learn about the advantages of implementing Intelligent Automation within the DevOps pipeline to support security activities.

Key Learnings:

• The challenges associated with implementing security testing.
• What is Intelligent Orchestration and what makes Intelligent Orchestration solution unique and optimised for DevOps?
• How risk-based, adaptable, intelligent pipeline can help you rank risks, identify changes, and improve responsiveness
• How to accelerate deployment to production without compromising security.

Watch the Webcast on demand:


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