A Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Kubernetes Management Platforms

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Despite massive adoption of Kubernetes, relying on upstream Kubernetes often isn’t enough for teams deploying Kubernetes into production. Vanilla Kubernetes installations are plagued by a lack of central visibility, inconsistent security practices and complex management processes.

Therefore, Kubernetes management platforms are adopted by enterprises to deliver:

Consistent Cluster Operations: improved DevOps efficiencies with simplified cluster operation Security Policy & User Management:  best practice security policy enforcement and advanced user management on any infrastructure Shared Tools & Services: a high level of reliability with easy, consistent access to shared tools and services


In this e-book, we have used these categories to evaluate the features of the three leading Kubernetes Management Platforms:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.9
  • VMware Tanzu 1.4
  • Google Anthos 1.10
  • and Rancher 2.6
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