James Cameron, cyber security and the information security revolution – not just science fiction anymore

I think a few of you will remember the scene in James Cameron’s Terminator when the scientist breaks into the lab to delete all records of his work and destroys the machine-arm of the Terminator in order to save the world before machines take over. Such science fiction scenarios are becoming more real and wilder as time goes on. To me – as a non-native to Cyber Security – this all seems to be frightening sometimes because we have entered a new age of connectivity and risk.

Sometimes I even don’t want to know what this is all about and what could happen if somebody breaks into an IoT network, hacks your devices or simply steals confidential data. I could barely deal with oil pollution, chemical incidents and cryptographic actions to steal information – but cyber-attacks blow my mind. You always fear what you don’t know – right? And who deals with that? – CISO’s, CTO’s, vulnerability guys, ethical hackers and basically everyone who has “cyber security” in the job title. And they should know what I don’t. But do they?

Are you a cyber security expert and do you know how to secure the connected future? I am heading up a 2 day conference on IoT security, the upcoming “Security of Things World”, where over 50 speakers and experts will explore the topic of security issues and the Internet of Things. Companies are currently undergoing a huge transformation where IT roles change and broaden; where OT (Operation Technology) and IT merge. Organizations have to get to know their gaps, their enemy and come up with proven strategies and recovery plans for when something goes wrong. On June 12-13 over 200 IoT security experts and CISO’s will meet and discuss their challenges at Security of Things World (http://securityofthingsworld.com/en/), an international high-level 2 day conference created by the security industry for the security industry. The conference not only provides interesting, real-world case studies but is also designed to enhance interactivity, learning and networking on IoT security, privacy and connected devices and how we can secure the connected world.

Join this international expert forum and get insights from:

  • Richard Knowlton, former Executive Director (Europe) of Internet Security Alliance, Richard Knowlton Associates
  • Lars Idland, CISO, Statoil
  • Michael Boeynaems, Lead IT Security Architect, Colruyt Group
  • Dominik Holling, Head of Test Methodology and Development Processes, ITK Engineering (Bosch)
  • Noopur Davis, Chief Product and Information Security Officer, Comcast
  • Christian Schmidt-Jannsen, CISO, Volkswagen Design Centre
  • Volker Jacumeit, Head of IT and IT Security, DIN e.V.
  • Jacob Hansen, Senior Architect, Grundfos
  • Johan Malmstrom, Cyber Security Manager, Grid Systems, ABB
  • Herbert Dirnberger, Team Lead ICS Security, Cyber Security Austria
  • Ismail Guneydas, Vulnerability Manager, Kimberly-Clark
  • Dave Lenoe, Secure Software Engineering Director, Adobe
  • Roberto Mannella, Senior Information Security Officer, Rexel Group
  • Martin Overton, Head of Cyber Risk EMEA, AIG
  • Çağatay Büyüktopçu, R&D Software Team Leader, Arcelik
  • Henry Jiang, CISO, Oppenheimer & Co.
  • Sandeep Kumar, Project Lead Security, Philips Lightning Research
  • Dietmar Bettio, Vice President Information Technology CIO, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG
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