LIVE BROADCAST, Tuesday, November 21st

2 p.m. (CET)


Industrial Real-time Data Architectures: Modern Approaches and Strategies

Digital transformation initiatives are widely recognized as the solution to meeting demands of operational efficiency, improving product quality, optimizing processes, reducing waste, minimizing energy consumption, enhancing overall productivity and sustainability.

To achieve these high goals, it’s necessary to adopt cutting-edge technologies and data-driven methodologies. It’s essential to recognize that behind the scenes, there are crucial real-time data architecture strategies that need to evolve in parallel to have a systemic approach to data management, and streamlining the process of expanding new applications, which is commonly referred to as “Industrial DataOps.”

In this webinar, Mohamad Shamseddine, Business Manager Industrial Data Management at IPCOS, will talk about the journey towards achieving maturity in Industrial DataOps.

Any burning questions? You’ll have the opportunity to ask in a live Q&A session after the webinar. 


Mohamad Shamseddine

Business Manager Industrial Data Management, IPCOS


IPCOS is a Digital Solutions and Services provider, focused on maximizing plant efficiency, increasing business productivity, and enhancing environmental sustainability, through the smart application of latest Industry 4.0 technologies. IPCOS serves a wide range of international process and allied industries such as chemicals, fertilizers, gas processing, upstream oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, power, waste and utilities.
Its project services range from technical consulting to technology integration, to complete project delivery and long-term support, covering the whole value chain from field equipment to the boardroom. The keys to IPCOS’ success are deep process- and domain knowledge combined with extensive technology know-how. Using these pillars of core competency, combined with strategic technology partnerships, IPCOS experts provide technical consultancy
and implement tailor-made solutions to enhance effectiveness and speed of decision making.

The IPCOS portfolio of solutions and services currently covers the following core areas:

  • Monitoring & Alarming
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Real-Time-Optimization
  • Alarm Management
  • Industry 4.0 Consulting


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