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Interview with Sinequa: How to build a digital workplace that actually works

We are excited to interview our Speaker Scott Parker, Product Marketing Leader at Sinequa, for the 10th anniversary of Intra.NET Berlin.

Find out more about Sinequa and get an insight into his session.

we.CONECT: You work as a Product Marketing Leader at Sinequa. What is the most exciting part about your role and why are you passionate about it?

Scott Parker: Solving customer problems. In my previous life in consulting, I gained an appreciation for having empathy and understanding of the pain customers feel. Understanding customers and markets is interesting in that it feeds my curiosity, but taking product features and translating them into tangible benefits that meet customers’ needs is what really excites me about product marketing.

we.CONECT: You will provide an overview of a successful digital workplace. What are the main pain points of the employees when they log in to the intranet?

Scott Parker: How can employees feel confident about what they see when they log into the intranet? They must know that what is being presented to them is most relevant to their current context. For example, is there a critical customer in need, a key decision to be made, a colleague seeking unique expertise, etc. Information systems must be intelligent and contextual to end user goals. If they’re not contributing to that solution, they are part of the problem.

we.CONECT: How would you describe a workplace that actually works?

Scott Parker: A workplace that works contributes significantly to both customer and employee satisfaction. It has to accommodate the needs of employees and keep them in the “flow” of their work if the organization is going to have any chance at consistently satisfying their customers and moving the organization forward. A workplace that fails to help employees perform at their best leaves the organization vulnerable to external forces and ultimately to decline.

we.CONECT: Which advice would you give the smaller companies just starting adoption of the intranet?

Scott Parker: Think of the intranet as the dynamic “insight layer” for informing the entire organization. More than ever, it must be viewed as the medium that connects employees to information, to knowledge, and to other employees across time, space, and even language. Once everybody understands the intranet as what connects the organization, the workplace becomes much more dynamic, and peoples’ patterns of information consumption and production begin to amplify the overall power of connection.

we.CONECT: The Intra.Net Reloaded Berlin is a highly interactive networking event – which conversations are you particularly looking forward to?

Scott Parker: I am looking forward to learning about the innovative ways that organizations are leveraging the intranet, especially light of the way we have all changes our work habits in the last 18 months.

we.CONECT: What are your most important expectations from IntraNET Reloaded Berlin?

Scott Parker: My expectations are simple. I expect to get out of the event what I put into it. By being prepared and participating with energy and curiosity, I am confident that I will come away with lots of ideas to put into action over the next few months and quarters.

Thanks Scott! Be sure to check out Sinequa’s session on “How to build a digital workplace that actually works”, in case you missed it.

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