eSignLive: Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Signatures

The future of business is digital and the adoption of mobile technology is driving change. But how do business and government organizations make the transition off paper when documents require signatures? This comprehensive beginner’s guide to electronic signatures introduces key concepts and considerations when creating digital business processes with electronic signatures.

eBook Highlights include:

  • Insights from Forrester Research, Aberdeen Group and more
  • Face-to-face and remote signature capture workflows
  • Legality, security, mobility basics
  • Case studies with ROI metrics for every channel: retail, F2F, online, call center, mobile and in-branch
  • E-Signature use cases from GSA, BMW, US Bank
  • E-Signature connectors for popular business applications like Salesforce

Did we awake your curiosity? Then download the full eBook with more than 50 pages and learn how electronic signatures can play their part in the digital transformation of your company.

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