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SAMS Europe 2022 – Hapag Lloyd

Enabling digital transformation on land and on the open sea – Setting up an effective Software Asset Management in an global & dynamic organization

Mateusz Jablonski, Licensemanager, Hapag Lloyd AG
Michael Braun, Licensemanager, Hapag Lloyd AG

While Hapag-Lloyd has embarked on a digital transformation journey, the Software Asset Management follows the overarching strategy by enabling the overall change process. The presentation highlights some of the main steps in making IT Procurement and SAM a key enabler to this transition. Starting from a new supplier strategy to adjusting the portfolio of suppliers of services, the talk provides insights into the mastering of needs and requirements of a highly heterogeneous IT infrastructure both in the company as well as for container ships, which have an own IT. Additionally, it discusses the challenges related to the first steps in creating an effective SAM program.

  • How to define and structure the SAM processes from scratch
  • How to achieve an optimal entanglement with other tasks & functions such as IT Procurement, IT Security, etc.
  • How to align an operative and software compliance-focused license management with a strategic cost-saving software asset management and procurement
  • What SAM and license management tools can support the process and how to find the right one for the organization

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