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TUESDAY, 18th of MAY | 10 – 11 AM CET

Energy Audits in a Net Zero World: What to do Different and How to Get it Right

Companies set increasingly ambitious emission reduction targets. Focusing on their own operations is a logical first step to transformation. This prompts many to aspire to net zero Scope 1 & 2 emissions before 2030. Standard energy audits do not adequately help companies reach this goal. Audits miss critical emission reduction levers, emerging technology, finance solutions and more.

To shift perspectives, companies need a different approach. This includes a shift from energy savings to emission reduction, ROI to TCO and individual measures to integrated solutions.

In this discussion, ENGIE Impact shares years of insight from clients’ path to net zero manufacturing sites.

To showcase a real-world application, Henkel will share how one of their sites built a pathway to Net Zero. This process allowed them to reconcile between high sustainability ambitions and site constraints. Culminating in a strong business case to align all stakeholders – sustainability, site managers, investors and COO.


  • Set realistic site level emission reduction goals with careful cost impact trade offs
  • Make fundamental technology & asset choices to future-proof the site
  • Ensure all operating constraints are captured and met
  • Optimize the renewal & retrofitting of existing assets and the deployment of new ones
  • Leverage innovative finance & contractual models to reduce CAPEX burden and risks
  • Manage the complex internal stakeholder environment on climate action


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Ben Moens

Managing Director Sustainability Solutions
Engie Impact

As a Managing Director at ENGIE Impact, Ben acts as guide and architect for companies on the path to carbon neutrality. During his 17 years as a management consultant, he has helped executive teams in various sectors on strategy & business transformation. Ben joined ENGIE Impact to embed sustainability in strategy definition and drive global sustainability transformation. He is an expert in all relevant dimensions, including business model change, asset transition, technology adoption, digitization, organizational & process change, and engagement of internal & external stakeholders.


Stéphane Rapoport

Director, Sustainability Solutions for Corporations EMEAI
Engie Impact

Stéphane has 15+ years’ experience advising on energy and carbon reduction strategies for governments, utilities and business. He combines strong technical and business understanding assisting industries from pathway definition to project implementation. He also steers tools development to optimize on-site green energy, green mobility, energy communities, green thermal…. Stéphane oversees ENGIE Impact teams delivering sustainability strategies.


Luigi Maffucci

Global AO Sustainability & Environmental Performance Head

As Global Head of Sustainability for Henkel Adhesive Operations, Luigi leads the sustainability and environmental performance programs of more than 130 manufacturing sites and related supply chain activities worldwide. Luigi coordinates a team five regional sustainability leaders. He has more than 22 years’ experience in in sustainability, environmental and safety related matters from the technical perspective to the strategical approach.

ENGIE Impact was created to accelerate the sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments. People are demanding that businesses and public sector leaders do more to protect the planet. But while society is making strides toward a sustainable future, it isn’t happening fast enough. ENGIE Impact helps organizations embed sustainability into their operational strategies, allowing them to bridge the gap between sustainability commitments and realized results that capture economic value and make organizations more competitive over the long term.


TUESDAY, 18th of MAY | 10 – 11 AM CET

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