TUESDAY, June 29th | 10 – 11 AM CET

DevOps for Today : Taking the risk out of Complex Application Deployments

Increase software release frequency! Reduce application deployment failures! Improve customer satisfaction!
More than ever, the demands on software delivery teams are increasing and as complexity increases, the need for deployment automation becomes even more crucial to realize the efficiency and reliability benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery.


  • Why creating reusable, standardized approaches will help reduce application deployment risk
  • The importance of supporting self service deployment by individual teams whilst maintaining overall governance and control
  • How insight into past deployments can identify areas for future improvement
  • Additional benefits this approach provides including accelerating your cloud migration and adoption of container technology


Maarten Kennis

Maarten Kennis | Sales Engineer |

Maarten has spent over 10 years in consulting, middleware and software development, and is experienced in guiding DevOps teams as they adapt to the profound changes in the way they work.   With his engineering background, Maarten helps organisations to accelerate the delivery of business ideas to their customers and is an expert in increasing the efficiency, quality and productivity of application development and deployment. In addition to his role as a Sales Engineer, Maarten serves as a thought leader for, specialising in the areas of DevOps, Cloud and Continuous Delivery.

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TUESDAY, June 29th | 10 – 11 AM CET

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