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ASG: How Workspaces change the Way We work

Mobile apps and virtualized desktop infrastructure provide advantages for business users in terms of usability, disaster recovery, compliance and cost. But do they really support companies in boosting productivity? Not significantly. Using multiple applications and data sources may slow down productivity because it requires the parallel use of isolated applications. To keep up with today’s mobile work style, enterprise IT needs to offer applications, content and data in a more granular manner, independently of an operating system.
The solution would be a fully web-based workspace that delivered both local and remote applications plus data through one browser-based interface across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, independently of the operating system. The white paper shows how such a workspace could look like outlining relevant features and benefits for businesses.

Key Takeaways:

Workspaces constitute the next step in the evolution of delivering user- and role-specific apps, content and services
The workspace concept enables business staff to receive a consistent user experience on any device, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
From a management perspective, workspaces enable the central delivery and control of local, remotely hosted, virtual and SaaS applications.
Central governance and the elimination of shadow IT are great side effects of workspaces.

How does the next IT Megatrend superseding Desktop Virtualization look like? Read the white paper and learn more about Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces.

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