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How to Solve Recurring Process Issues Faster with AI-Driven Root Cause Analysis at Smart Factories

Are you tired of recurring process issues at your factory? Join our transformative webinar featuring exclusive guest speaker Robert Meißner, Co-Founder and Head of Solutions at Vernaio, with a decade of AI experience across industries. Co-guest speaker Jürgen Käser, Director of Process Applications at Voith Group, will share first-hand how they’ve solved complex process issues using Vernaio’s AI solution.

Most recurring process issues preannounce themselves through hidden patterns (fingerprints) in the process data, which are the key to preventing malfunctions and inefficiencies. Learn how traditional RCA falls short of finding these fingerprints while AI-driven RCA delivers speed and accuracy like never before. Get inspired by a real success story and walk away with a clear roadmap to implement these breakthroughs. Don’t let process issues keep costing you; take action now for immediate and long-lasting improvements. Sign up now!

Learn more about:

  • Why Traditional RCA falls Short: Understand why conventional Root Cause Analysis (RCA) often fails to deliver long-lasting solutions, and how AI-powered RCA can fill the gap
  • Speed and Precision: Learn how AI-driven RCA offers quicker and more accurate insights, leading to more reliable and efficient manufacturing processes
  • Finding Hidden Patterns: Discover the innovative way to identify hidden patterns preceding recurring process issues
  • Success in Action: A real-world use case showcasing the power of fingerprint methodology to drive operational excellence
  • Your Next Steps: A simple but effective roadmap to implement AI-based RCA in your manufacturing process

Any burning questions? You’ll have the opportunity to ask in a live Q&A session after the webinar. 


Robert Meißner

Co-Founder and Head of Solutions at Vernaio

Robert Meißner co-founded Vernaio in 2012 while pursuing his Physics degree. As a passionate entrepreneur, he’s held key roles, including Managing Director and Head of Solutions. Leveraging his deep industry knowledge and AI expertise, Robert focuses on creating scalable AI solutions for industrial applications.

Jürgen Käser

Director of Process Applications at Voith Group

Jürgen Käser started his career in 2004 as a service engineer at Voith. Through various positions in the division Paper, he had contact with digitalization and Industry 4.0 topics. Today he is the Director of Process Applications. As a group-wide technology expert, he participates in the strategic development of the IIoT platform OnCumulus. In parallel, he is responsible for the deployment of papermaking 4.0 pilot installations until market launch and product management.


Vernaio is an AI IoT solutions provider headquartered in Munich, Germany. Our powerful industrial AI helps companies optimize production processes, in particular avoiding production issues before they occur.


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