14 p.m. (CEST)


Life Science Ready GMP IT workstations for cleanrooms

Digital Transformation in Life sciences manufacturing will not stop at your cleanrooms. New digital solutions will require operators to work compliant and ergonomically with software applications in all kinds of cleanroom. To drive success manufacturers, must install special Life Science Ready cleanroom workstation ensuring the highest levels of data integrity, product quality, compliance, and safety.

Learn about the possibilities of integration of HMI systems for new build and already existing cleanrooms.

  • What are the specific requirements to meet compliance and safety using HMIs in a cleanroom?
  • How to increase cleanability and minimize the risks of cross contamination at workplaces in a cleanroom
  • Mobile workstation or tablets in a cleanroom: Learn about solutions for any type of cleanroom
  • What are the special workstation requirements for MES-Rollout in a cleanroom?
  • How to design ergonomic workstations to visualize data from a terminal server for MES, PLS and LAB applications meeting data integrity

Any burning questions? You’ll have the opportunity to ask in a live Q&A session after the webinar. 


Simeon Meier

Product Manager, Systec & Solutions GmbH

Patrick Kühle

Sales Manager, Systec & Solutions GmbH


Systec & Solutions GmbH, with headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany), is a specialized manufacturer of Life-Science-Ready hardware solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry as well as for hospitals. Our products have been utilized by nearly all established pharmaceutical companies in over 30 countries for years.

GMP-IT – industry-proof & durable

The regulated industry works according to GMP standards. We offer a convincing answer with our GMP-IT hardware systems. An uncompromising industrial design with exclusively industrial-grade components guarantees the highest quality and long-term availability.

Clean room compatible & powerful

Despite high performance, most of our systems are built in a completely enclosed design – according to protection class IP65 – without failure-prone external fans. They are easy to clean and meet the high hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Robust & compatible

Our systems and platforms are specially developed for long-term operation in special production environments. They prove themselves in practice every day – even when exposed to vibration, shock, humidity, water or dust. They are modular, retrofittable and upgradeable, compatible with common hardware and software systems and easy to implement in the existing IT landscape. Our GMP-IT products are particularly suitable as workstations for MES software, process control systems, ERP software and as room status displays or for displaying OEE key figures.


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