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Merck Case Study – Complexity of logistic processes: forecasting and digitalization of the supply chain

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Here we share with you an exclusive video case study from Peter Seiter, Director PM-ODG-S at Merck KGaA on “Complexity of logistic processes – Forecasting and digitalization of the supply chain”.

Companies that want to create competitive advantages through an agile and efficient supply chain depend on digitization. Peter Seitel presents his experiences regarding the harmonization of production, analytics and logistics in the process industry.

  • Storage and retrieval of raw materials, intermediate and end products in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries under the aspects of Safety & Quality Management
  • Stable processes in a complex logistic environment with increasing volumes
  • Adaptation of the demand situation to different business models and IT systems for shared assets/facilities of different business units
  • Challenges in harmonizing functional times of production, analytics and logistics in the GMP and hazardous goods environment
  • View on future strategies in order to fulfill legal and customer requirements with usage of digital systems

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