McKesson Corporation: Mastering the next software audit

The reallocation and redistribution of software licenses can save companies a lot of time and money with respect to software audits. At the SAMS Europe conference Luis Ruiz-Alomar showcased McKesson Corporation’s approach to IT Software Asset Management. McKesson set up a centrally managed program with coordinated integration of the physical asset and the associated financials and contracts in order to control, automate and optimize license costs.

What a SAM program has to deliver:

  • Compliance: The ability to view and manage the effective license position, be “Audit Ready”.
  • Added value: Reduce unnecessary software purchases by enabling an enterprise s/w harvest pool program.
  • Optimization: The ability to view and use real-time software utilization metrics to drive out costs in EA’s –ULA’s.
  • Procurement: Each business unit is accountable for compliance and corrective actions.

View the full case study “SAM – Optimizing the Management, Control and Protection of our Assets” and get familiar with the SAM approach of America’s oldest and largest healthcare services company.

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