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Ansys: 1000 Times Faster Than Monte Carlo – Interview with Johannes Will | Auto.AI Europe 2022

One of the most favorite parts of our business events at we.CONECT are interactive sessions in which the participants get a chance to exchange ideas on some key challenges facing the industry. we.CONECT spoke with Johannes Will, Senior Director of Product Management at Ansys, who will be moderating the interactive AI Certification Café, as well as presenting a solution study at the 6th Auto.AI Europe.

Watch our interview with Johannes in which he talks about the use of machine learning algorithms in digital data validation and the expectation from the conference.


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Johannes Will is presenting a solution study Using machine learning algorithms as part of reliability analysis workflows for Digital Validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on September 29 at 9AM.

Digital event-based validation is a key element to validate and verify L3 and higher level of automated driving systems. The presentation addresses challenges of digital validation using reliability analysis approaches, like fitting appropriate distribution functions for uncertainty definition, understanding which uncertainties will dominate the risk, using machine learning for sensitivity analysis and metamodeling, and using advanced reliability analysis methods for reliable estimates of risks. Workflows of reliability algorithms and machine learning will be introduced which are used by our customers as one pillar to successfully certify ADAS Level 3 systems.

  • Digital Verification of automated driving systems
  • Uncertainty Definition is a key for quantification of safety
  • Importance to understand the driver for response variability
  • How to overcome the exorbitant costs of Monte Carlo Sampling quantifying rare event probabilities

He will also be moderating AI Certification Café and exploring the question What new tools are needed to certify AI in critical Autonomous Driving Systems?

  • How important is digital validation – simulating driving scenarios – for your ADAS certification strategy?
  • Which kind of stochastic analysis method do you use for the quantification of risk/safety?
  • Are AI/ML methods part of your ADAS certification process?
  • What kind of AI/ML methods do you use and what are you addressing with AI/ML?

Auto.AI Europe is the leading technical event on deep learning for SAE Level 4 & 5 automated vehicles that brings together more than 300 top-industry machine learning, neural networks, and perception experts and decision-makers. Join now and discuss self-supervised and behavioral learning concepts, scalable machine and reinforcement learning approaches, and benchmarking perception and computer vision systems for ADs with your peers from the automotive AI community.

The 6th Auto.AI Europe, a tech summit for AI, machine learning, neural networks, and cognitive computing for highly autonomous vehicles is taking place in Berlin on September 28-30, 2022.

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