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Industry of Things World USA 2022 | Lockheed Martin

It’s all about the digital thread! – Making Manufacturing Data more usable for analytics

Speaker: Jan de Nijs, LM Fellow at Lockheed Martin

Session Details: Surprisingly, many large corporations are struggling to create advanced analytics solutions using data produced in the manufacturing supply chain. The problem is not the volume of data; with the proliferation of connected devices, manufacturing is awash in data. The problem is that data produced by supply chain sources are challenging to make useful for analytics because it almost always lacks a usable digital thread. It is not entirely useless data because given enough budget, great management demonstrations can be produced today. As Bruce Kramer from the American National Science Foundation (NSF) once said: in the manufacturing field, “at great cost and effort, we’ve been doing expensive demos in the hope that generalized principles emerge”. And generalized principles are not emerging.

This presentation will explain Lockheed Martin’s approach to addressing this issue. The solution centers around a digital thread defined around an ecosystem of international standards. By implementing this ecosystem across the complete product life cycle, analytics solutions can be created that one day will become prescriptive, or even cognitive (“the factory runs itself!”).

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Digital Thread
  • Standards ecosystem
  • Supply chain integration

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