How Can Remote Working Increase Business Agility?

According to a recent Clarizen survey, 70% of businesses have employees working in numerous locations or at home and require collaborative software to ensure that activities across the organization are aligned with company objectives. Is keeping a workforce coordinated, informed and on-task becoming the biggest challenge businesses face today? Interviews with project managers confirm that there is a real need for work management software to manage workflow and provide team members with visibility and the tools they need to communicate and improve productivity.

This Clarizen report explores how a cloud-based, collaborative work management application can facilitate communication and collaboration for employees working in different locations.

Key questions addressed  in this report:

How can remote working contribute to achieving a level of business agility that boosts collaboration, flexibility and efficiency?
What are the challenges of remote working?
How can businesses nurture effective collaboration?

About Clarizen:
Built on a secure, scalable platform, Clarizen brings together project management, configurable workflow automation and in-context collaboration to create a meaningful engagement experience that allows everyone to work the way they work best. Everyone involved can track projects, communicate effortlessly and participate on their terms.

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