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Case Study: AV/ADAS Critical Scenario Creation and Sensor Design Optimization Using Simulation

ScaleUp 360° Auto Vision USAthe digital event deep diving into Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion Technologies for Autonomous Vehicle Perception is starting on March 30. Experience 2 days of virtual sessions and case studies by stakeholders involved in Computer Vision, Sensor Hardware, Image Processing and Sensor Fusion in the Level 5 Automation scene.

Register here for free to join for example the session of Tony Gioutsos, Director Portfolio Developer Autonomous Americas at Siemens AG:

“Unsafe and Unknown Scenarios can be defined as Critical Scenarios. Our goal is to present an approach using detailed simulation to create and find these scenarios for a given AV/ADAS system. First, we create digital twins of the world, the vehicle and the sensors. In terms of sensors, we can use detailed physics-based sensor simulation or simple sensor simulation. Then using base scenarios, we can vary these using efficient techniques to explore the DOE or Monte Carlo space. With appropriate KPI’s we then can identify critical scenarios and hence create them. Next up, we define Safety Cost Functions for the Key Performance Indicators generated from this search. Using the Safety Cost Functions, we search for the optimum set of sensor parameters automatically. This allows us to pinpoint the best sensor configuration for these critical scenarios.”

OEMs, Tier 1s, AI, Sensor, Radar and Imaging Vision Systems Experts, Automated Driving, Deep Learning and Vehicle Control Executives. Over 250 of the most influential experts – be part of it.

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