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Certainly, the aim of a virtual homologation process using driving simulators depends on high-quality data. Standards like OpenDRIVE help integrate elements like HD Maps and sensor models across supply chains. The quality of an “HD” map is critical, especially for functions needing to comply with ALKS regulation UN R157. Standardized data formats are crucial for simulation tool certification. BMW is exploring how to set data requirements and categorize sensor models within GaiaX to enable decentralized data markets for simulation data.

Learn about:

  • ASAM OpenX provide a common understanding for simulation data
  • ENVITED OpenMSL provides common rules and validation processes to determine the quality of e.g. sensor models
  • The GaiaX Trust Anker process is practically implemented at ASC(S e.V. ENVITED for digital identities
  • Standardized data with objective quality criteria and digital identities are the baseline for decentralized simulation data markets
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